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    Unhappy Reading a text file into multiple nodes

    Hi there,

    I'm undergoing my first year of study in C programming. I was wondering if anybody could point me in the right direction for some homework I have.

    I've been given a text file, which contains data that needs to be sorted into nodes and then arranged into a linked list.

    So, say the data is in this format:

    age: 32
    day: Thursday
    country: Australia
    about: My favourite food is spaghetti
    and I really like cats

    Love Anna

    age: 67
    day: Monday
    country: New Zealand

    .. and so on.

    At the moment, entire text file is opened and read as a string.
    I need to read '32' and assign it to node->age, and so on for all the other values. I've written the structure for creating nodes etc. What I'm completely stumped on is how I tell the program what text to store where. In other words, how do I tell it to store '32', 'Thursday' and 'Australia'
    Do I have to traverse trough the txt file until the word 'age:' is found? And if so, how do I then tell the program when to finish reading the text and move on to the next set of data for the next node?

    Thanks in advance

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    while not done
        read age
        read country
        read about
        ...figure out how you've decided an entry ends
        put all that in a new node
        stick that node on a list
    There are plenty of posts here about linked lists if you aren't sure how to make one. Try searching.

    Read a line, see if it starts with "age:" or "day:" or "country:" ... if it doesn't, and it isn't blank, then stick it in your 'other' field, or whatever it's going to be called.

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