Thread: Problem when trying to return union type variable from function

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    Question Problem when trying to return union type variable from function

    Hi all,

    I have a problem when trying to return a union type variable from function. The union is defined in a header file called "Dummy.h" like that:

    typedef union
            uint32_t A;
            uint32_t B;
    } dummy_union;
    In "Dummy.c", I declared a function called dummy_union() which just saves 0x55 and 0xFF to a "dummy_union" variable "X" and returns it.

    #include "Dummy.h"
    inline  dummy_union Dummy_Task(void)
    dummy_union X;
    X.A = 0x55;
    X.B = 0xFF;
    return X;
    Furthermore, Dummy_caller() calls Dummy_Task() and stores its return to a new "dummy_union" variable "var1". Finally, the 2 members of "var1" are printed.

    void Dummy_caller(void)
    static dummy_union var1;
    printf("member 1 of var1 is %u \n", var1.A);
    printf("member 2 of var1 is %u \n", var1.B);
    However, both printfs give 0xFF. Does anyone have any idea why?


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    The point of a union is that the different parts share storage, so you can only use one at a time.

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    Your assignment of .B overwrites your assignment of .A. If you want a struct, use a struct.

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    Thanks for the help!

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