Thread: please solve my #pragma pack problam

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    please solve my #pragma pack problam

    i getting the same solution for below program while changing the pack value in pragma

    #pragma pack(2)
    struct hai
    char ch1;
    char ch2;
    char ch3;
    char ch4;
    char ch5;
    int main()
    printf("%d \n",sizeof(s));
    return 0;
    i getting output as :6 in both case of prgma pack vaues 2 and 4.

    why i getting same values , please any body clear my confusion

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    What compiler are you using? What size are you expecting? 6 would indicate that it is aligning at 2 bytes (what you have up in your pragma). If you are using GCC, you'll need something like this:
    #define PACK1 __attribute__((aligned (1),packed))
    typedef struct something {
            int a, b;
            char c, d;
    Now the sizeof (SOMETHING) would be 10.

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    hi canady,

    i am using RHEL5 GCC 4.1.1 compiler. my mechine is x86 based pc. i think generally it will take 4 bytes everytime.

    first time it will take four bytes .so
    i expecting 8 in prgma pack 4 case of #pragma pack 2

    first 4 char variables will take 4 bytes.second char will take two bytes for pack totally 6 byes case of #pragma pack 4

    first 4 char variables will take 4 bytes and next char will go to anoter pack ie second pak with 4 bytes. but character will take 1 bytes. but output caounts 6 bytes .

    i expecting 8 bytes in pragma 4.

    why it taking 2 bytes onlly in pragma 2 and prgma 4

    i look for your further replys.

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