Thread: not able to work for alarm clock

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    not able to work for alarm clock

    i have want to simple program which will do the following->
    1. Display enter the name message
    2. Accept input for 5 secs
    3. if user is successful to write message in 5 secs then he wins
    4. else looses.

    I want to do it with the use of alarm() system call on unix.

    char *name;
    void wakeup()
    int main()
    printf("Enter the name :->");
    return 0;

    Problems with the code:
    1. It is not following the flow, seems that pause() has more priority. The message ""Enter the name :->", is displayed with delay.
    2. whenever control goes to wakeup, scanf blocks the control for infinite period. I mean unless I press ENTER, control wont do anything. So whole idea of terminating the input process after 5 secs becomes useless

    how to do it???

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    There is no standard kbdhit function. Most input functions are line buffered. That means you have to hit enter. It will wait until you do.

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