Thread: Stack of main function

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    Stack of main function

    I need to find out stack of main function ...

    Like while we create a thread, we have stack base and stack size...

    So if I assume my main is also a thread in itself, It will have some stack.

    How can I find out limits of this stack?

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    I've heard 2 Mb mentioned before, but the only two ways to find out are:

    1) Check the compiler doc's, or
    2) Write a very simple program with just a main function, that uses up increasing amounts of stack space, until your program fails from lack thereof.

    That amount may change with different systems, having different amounts of free RAM.

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    Although I've never done it, I think you can use getrlimit for this purpose, in Linux. In windows there will be functions for that as well, though I don't know which.

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