Thread: Some help with a program.

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    Some help with a program.

    Hi there,

    I need some help with a program I am writing:

    Write a program that will allow the user to enter the results of TEST1 for (Computing Systems and Programming) subject and store them in a data file named TEST1.txt. The data file “TEST1.txt” should have the following format:

    Matric No.            Name		      Marks
    And this is what I've done so far:
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    //#include <cstring.h>
    #define FILENAME "data.txt"
    int main (void)
         int num;
         printf ("How many students would you like to place record for?\n");
         scanf  ("%d", &num);
         char name;
         int matric;
         double marks;
         FILE *datatab;
         datatab = fopen (FILENAME,"a");
         if (datatab == NULL)
            printf ("Error opening File\n");
         printf ("num = %d\n",num);
         int i = 0;   
            while (i<num)
                printf ("i = %d\n",i);
                printf ("Please Enter name(Less than 50 Characters:\n");
                scanf("%s", &name);
                printf ("Please Enter Matric Number:\n");
                scanf("%d", &matric);
                printf ("Please Enter Marks Obtained (via Cheating or otherwise):\n");
                scanf("%f", &marks);
                fprintf (datatab,"%d %s %.2f\n", matric,name,marks);
    //            fflush(stdin);
         return 0;    
    I have been trying to fix the code so you may or may not need the commented lines. What I would like to know is what's wrong and why it can't produce the required output.

    Matric number ex: 0987674 (I want the zero to be displayed)
    Name ex: Anything (Just the first name would be enough).
    Marks ex: 67.89 (Maximum of 2 digit decimal)

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    Try compiling with warnings on. That'd point you in the right direction.
    1. fflush wasn't designed to work on input streams.
    2. name is only a single character.

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    How do I enable warnings in Dev C++?

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