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    Text file parsing

    I want to learn how to parse text files. Especifically, I want to work with .obj files.

    I have read about the the basics of the obj format, but I'm wondering what standard library functions should I use to read it efficiently. For instance, I want to read the following vertexes

    v 5.672271 1.802055 -5.287645
    v 6.117182 1.802056 5.492141
    v -5.000000 1.803496 4.999999

    into this struct:

    struct vertex
        float x,y,z;
    } vertex_data[num_of_vertexes];
    Could someone give me an example of what functions I could use to do it?

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    What's wrong with fscanf?

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    Just a note from the peanut gallery here, but this sounds like a "roll your own", to me.

    I've never heard of a standard library in C for this.

    Sounds too simple to build a library just to import some a char, and 3 numbers.

    Do you want help putting the values into your struct w/o a library?

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    By standard library I mean stdio, stdlib, etc. I'm an occasional programmer so I'm still learning about so sometimes I'm just not sure which function to use. I did read the scanf, fscanf and sscanf documentation, that was very helpful.

    After looking at some examples of parsing text files, here's what I am using:

        char line[2048];
        while (fgets(line, 2048, fp))
        /* get a face */
        if (!strncmp(line, "f ", 2))
    	sscanf(line+2, "%d/%d/%d %d/%d/%d %d/%d/%d", &args ... )
    However that leads me with a problem. If the program encounters a face like
    f 1/2/3 3/4/5 6/7/8 it reads fine, however f 1//3 3//5 6//8 will trash my data harvest. Any ideas how to deal with this?

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    Hmm. You can include dud characters in a (s)scanf line with the * flag. That means those items are not placed into a variable:

    scanf("%d%*[/]%d", &x,&y)
    x and y get a number, %*[/] should read any number of / and discard them.
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    use fscanf or strtok

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    use combination oif fgets and sscanf functions

    f 1/2/3 3/4/5 6/7/8 it reads fine, however f 1//3 3//5 6//8 will trash my data harvest. Any ideas how to deal with this?
        if( sscanf( str, "%*c %d%*[/]%d %d%*[/]%d%*s", &i,&j,&k,&l) == 4 )
            printf("%d %d %d %d\n", i,j,k,l );
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    while( (c=fgetc( in )) != EOF )
        if( isdigit( c ) )
            store( c );
    Or be lazy, since all you seem to care about in your second post is the individual digits.

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