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    Converting to Modular

    Is there an easy way to convert programs into modular? I just realised my code has to be in modular and have no clue how to convert my code easily

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <conio.h>
    #include <math.h>
    #include <ctype.h>
    int main()
    	int fifty, twenty, ten, five, result;
    	char option;
        printf("This program will calculate change\n");
    	printf("Please input the number of cents between 5 - 95\n");
    	printf("Input must be in mulitples of 5\n");
    	printf("Do you wish to continue? (Y/N): \n");
    	option = getch();
    	option = toupper (option);
    	while (!((option=='Y') || (option=='N')));
    	if (option=='Y')
    			while (1)
    			printf("\nEnter Customers Change:\n");
    			scanf("%d", &result);
    			if ((result<0) || (result>95) || (result%5>0))
    				printf("Invalid Input!\n");
    			fifty = result / 50;
    			result %= 50;
    			twenty = result / 20;
    			result %= 20;
    	      		ten = result / 10;
    	      	 	result %= 10;
    			five = result / 5;
    			result %= 5;
    			printf("The Correct Change =\n", result);
    			if (fifty > 1)
        				printf("%d Fifty cent piece's.\n", fifty);
    			if (fifty == 1)
    				printf("%d Fifty cent piece.\n", fifty);
    			if (twenty > 1)
           				printf("%d Twenty cent piece's.\n", twenty);
    			if (twenty == 1)
           				printf("%d Twenty cent piece.\n", twenty);
    			if (ten > 1)
           				printf("%d Ten cent piece's\n", ten);
    			if (ten == 1)
           				printf("%d Ten cent piece.\n", ten);
    			if (five > 1)
           				printf("%d Five cent piece's\n", five);
    			if (five == 1)
    				printf("%d Five cent piece.\n", five);
    any help would be cool

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    The first question here (based on your usage of the word rather than any intent to be rude or anything) is: Do you know what "modular" means? (And if so, what do you think it means?)

    The next question would be: How much have you learned about functions?

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    Those sentences are structured as if there were a programming language called "Modular". This does not make sense to us.

    I suspect that you've mistakenly assumed "Modular" was being used as a noun when communicated to you, when in fact it was probably actually being used as an adjective. Remember, an adjective describes a noun.
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    I'm guessing you mean it has to have different functions, for different purposes. How about:

    1) A menu function, called from main() to display the name of the program and version, as well as the options the user can choose from - get input, in other words.
    2) A processing function, called from menu()
    3) An output function, called from menu(), after the program returns from processing.

    Input, processing, and output, are very standard functions for most programs.

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