Thread: Convert bits to voltage levels...

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    Convert bits to voltage levels...

    Hello. Im new to C/C++ programming. I would like to know if it is possible to convert bits ( user input or via file) to voltage levels? what i mean is assigning bit 1 +5v and bit 0 -5v .. and then output it for display ( graphical format mayB).

    Does C or C++ allows me to do this?


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    Uh yeah. You can make data represent anything you want. Data is only meaningful in the context of a program that knows how to utilize it.

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    Note that if there is an easy part and a hard part, the easy part is to read the data (bits) and make them voltage levels (+5, -5). The hard part would be diplaying them nicely in a window.

    If you want a simpler format you can diplay it on the command-line with something like this:

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    Choose whatever encoding scheme you like as long as it doesn't conflict with the internal workings of the chip. Because inside the machine bit 0 is 0V and bit 1 is +5V ( it is actually a discreet range) so what matters is how you want it displayed. Is it just to plot a graph of points representing voltage levels or do you want to see the output on an oscilloscope?

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    @ C_ntua .. Yes thats the hard part indeed. I know how i will be converting and assigning voltage levels but to display them is the problem.. If i want it to be on a graph, then how can i concatenate all the outputs for specific bits? is this worthwhile to do in C/C++ ?

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