Thread: Convert a.out back to C code??

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    Convert a.out back to C code??


    I just finished an assignment and after a week and countless hours
    of working on it I had it working perfectly and commented perfectly. Before
    I was just about to submit it I wanted to ftp the file to my computer so I
    could look at the file all at once to scroll easier and make sure all the
    spacing was correct. When I used the 'get' command on myFile.c I got this error:

    Transfer finished due to premature end of file.

    And now when I try to pico this file it says 0 lines
    when there is supposed to be 357? Any idea how to fix this, I am freaking
    out right now. The only thing I have is the a.out can I somehow convert this back to code? There's no way I can rewrite the whole program.

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    Tee hee hee. No.

    Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

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    This is more advanced that a 357 line program programmer could handle. . . I've been coding for 15 years and I struggle with even a binary assembly program.

    It takes years of practice to do it -- it is almost art.

    Start typing and post your code here. . .I'm up for at least another hour.

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    Nope. Better get cracking...
    Code always comes out better when you write it a second time anyway.
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