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    nested structs

    do you guys know how to do operations with nested structs like

    struct x{
    struct y{........}
    say x is a linked list and y is also another type of linked list taht i want to exist inside x. However, the two linked lists are different in structures. The first linkedlist will store string and has a pointer to the next linkedlist and the second inner linked list will be inside the outer linkedlist keeping numbers of occurences of strings.

    Do you guys see any dangers in doing this?

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    struct a;
    struct b;
    struct a
        struct *b;
        ... stuff ...
    struct b
        struct *a;
        ... stuff ...
    You cannot make A contain B and B contain A, but you can make them contain pointers to the other type. Nesting structures is fine unless you try to make them contain eachother.

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