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    Angry Text extraction

    I ahve a long string of which I want to remove certain words....

    for example:
    string example =" <this> is some <test> data"

    I want to remove words with are contained with "<>" after my programs runs I would be left with

    <"is some data">

    does anybody have idea's what function I could remove such text from the string...
    any ideas would be great...

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    A for loop and a boolean variable used to control the copying of chars

    You set the bool to false when you see a <
    You set it to true when you see a >

    If it's true, copy the char

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    Try this. Keep in mind, the code will modify the string directly.

    #include <string.h>
    void RemoveWords(char *str);
    int main(int argc, char* argv[])
    	char str[81];
    	strcpy(str, "<this> is some <test> data");
    	return 0;
    RemoveWords(char *str)
    #define		START_CHAR		'<'
    #define		END_CHAR		'>'
    	char *p;
    	char *t;
    	p = str;
    	t = p;
    	while (*t)			// while we haven't found the end of the string
    		if (*t == START_CHAR)
    			while (*t && *t != END_CHAR) // look for the END_CHAR
    			t++;		// skip the END_CHAR
    		*p = *t;		// finally, copy the current character
    		if (*t == '\0')
    			*p = '\0';
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