Thread: Problem with boolean operators

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    Problem with boolean operators


    I have a problem with the boolean operators.
    On the end of the second part of the C beginner tutorial I was going to quiz.
    I was ready for the answers of the quiz but I had it wrong!
    This Code:
    !(1 && !(0 || 1)).
    Seems to be true and I tought it was false.
    But I dont really get it.
    The AND goes before OR but the OR is between two paranthesis so it goes first.
    Before the paranthesis is an NOT sign but does 0 evaluate to 1 or does 1 evaluate to 0. I see a NOT sign but I dont know wich evaluates the first number immideatly afther the NOT thing? or another?
    I need to know that first otherwise I dont get the whole C program and I get stuck.


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    The steps are as follows
    1. 0||1 = 1
    2. !1 = 0
    3. 1&&0=0
    4. !0 =1

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    a = 0 || 1; because of parentthesis
    b = !a; because of preferencies

    c = 1 && b; because of parenthesis

    d = !c;
    To be or not to be == true

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