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    error message

    I am looking to solve the error of "c++ forbids implicit conversion from 'void *' in assignment". Here is my declarations and below is the section of code that is effected.

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #define NULL 0

    struct node
    int number;
    struct node *next;

    struct node *pageFaults, *p, *q, *z, *n;
    int num=0;
    void ChangeFrames(void)
    int count, x, y, r, m, tempx, frames[10], pages[40];

    This section here needs a cast ...I think

    if (num==10)
    pageFaults = calloc(1, sizeof(struct node)); /* this is my problem section I need a cast for *?

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    Because you're writing C, and using a C++ compiler to compile it

    Decide which language you want to use (c/c++ isn't a language - it's a botch), then read this

    One more thing
    #define NULL 0
    Don't do this - it's perfectly well defined in the system header files.

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