Thread: Problem reading/writting binary files.

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    Problem reading/writting binary files.

    I've a small program with 4 functions.
    The first one reads data from a file and returns it as a string(text_from_file)
    int read_file (char* file_to_open, char* text_from_file){
            FILE *fp;
    	char tmp_str[MAX_STR];
    if((fp = fopen(file_to_open, "r"))==NULL) {
        	printf("Cannot open file.\n");
    	while (!feof(fp)){		
    Then that string slightly modified and written into a file. When the which I open is a text file, it works well but if I'm opening binary files it doesn't read the whole file, it only reads and returns a smaller string.
    What I'm doing wrong? any help would be appreciated

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    If it's a binary file, use fread, and don't try to treat the data like a string, because it's not in that case.

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    also - do not use feof to control loop - read FAQ
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