Thread: Debug win32 C program on linux

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    Debug win32 C program on linux

    I have developed a win32 program on linux in C. I used mingw to compile it and Wine to run it.
    Now I have end up with some memory leak and I need to find where it comes from in the program. As I know debuging the program is the option. But i dnt hv a way to move win32 environment and setup all the development environment in windows.

    Is there any way to debug win32 application on linux.

    I used valgrind commad prior to the wine command as follows to see any essential back trace. but it did not help.
    to compile i used...
    ache$ i586-mingw32msvc-gcc -o adapter_listner_win32.exe adapter_listner.c -liphlpapi -lws2_32

    To run I used...
    ache$ valgrind wine adapter_listner_win32.exe


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    with valgrind it does not work. I use seting debuging option (-d) at compilation
    ache$i586-mingw32msvc-gcc -o adapter_listner_win32.exe adapter_listner.c -liphlpapi -lws2_32

    and then set --tool=memcheck even when running it as follows.
    ache$valgrind --tool=memcheck wine adapter_listner_win32.exe

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