Thread: recvfrom():: Bad address

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    recvfrom():: Bad address

    Im not sure if you need more code but
    struct Ethfrm_t
    	struct FCfrm_t* ptr;
    	unsigned char DestEthAdr[6];
    	unsigned char SrcEthAdr[6];
    	UINT32  VLAN_HdrSave;
    	//unsigned char  reserved[4];
    	void* buffer;
    }  __attribute__ ((packed));
    Ethfrm_t* Ethfrm;
    Ethfrm = malloc(sizeof(Ethfrm));
    Ethfrm->buffer = (void*)malloc(BUF_SIZE); 	/*Buffer for Ethernet Frame*/
    length = recvfrom(s, Ethfrm->buffer, BUF_SIZE, 0, NULL, NULL);
    		if (length == -1) {
    This works but when i uncomment the unsigned char reserved i get the BAD ADDRESS error after like 2 seconds of the server running Im not really sure what that means or how to fix it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kiros88 View Post
    Ethfrm = malloc(sizeof(Ethfrm));
    Should be

    Ethfrm = malloc(sizeof(*Ethfrm));
    You're only allocating a pointer's worth of space.
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