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    Good interview Questions

    int main()
            int x=5;
             printf("%d,%d,%dn",x,x< <2,x>>2);
    Answer: 5,20,1

    For the above code i complied and the answer also given

    MY Expected output was :5,5,1

    But after compling the output was :5,20,1

    I didn't understand the logic for that output obtained

    Can anybody give the reason for that output

    Thanking You,
    V.Rupendra Naidu

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    I would expect a compile error, but it is probably due to a typographical error on your part (x< <2 should be x << 2). Why do you think the second integer to be printed should be 5 instead of 20?
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    Thanks for reply

    i saw the solution that was given by you, i understand the logic .

    Thanks for spending your valuable time with me

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