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    Angry C problems

    i need to complete the following tasks, any idea's

    A number of simple student records are written to a text file.

    One student record occupies a line of text.

    Each record consists of four fields (items of data), separated by commas. The fields are:

    Family name
    First name
    Registration 'number' (8 characters, JMU style)
    Date of birth (in the form mm-dd-yy).

    The first two characters in the registration number refer to the year of entry.

    The form of a typical line is


    Task (1):

    Using a text editor, create a file with 10 such records, all different, with registration years spanning both millennia, and in a fairly random order. (The order should look random because one of the tasks is to sort the records in chronological order).

    Task (2):

    Write a C program which reads the data and allows the user to browse the data record (student) by record, allowing the user to specify First, Last, Previous and Next. The fields (items of data) should be separately displayed.

    Task (3):

    When the user specifies Sort, the records are sorted in chronological order (i.e. by year of entry). The sort must take account of the fact that the first two digits in the registration number denote year and that the chronological sequence was 97, 98, 99, 00, 01, 02 and so on.

    cheers people

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    question (1)
    What do you have so far?

    question (2)
    When's this due?

    question (3)
    How long have you put it off?

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    I have an idea: give it a shot, post some code, we'll help you with problems in the code.

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