Thread: Lambda functions in C?

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    Lambda functions in C?

    I need to be able to pass in mathematical equations to a program, have the program parse them, and use those equations as lambda/anonymous functions. I know higher level languages are able to do this, but I would prefer the lowest level language due to the computational intensity of this algorithm.

    Just as an example:

    intialize x, y, z
    y = 2
    z = 3
    lambda function here (parse string parameter)
    print x
    where if 'x = y + z' as passed as a parameter, it would print 5, and if 'x = y + 2*z' was passed as a parameter, it would print 8

    If this isn't possible in C, what's the next fastest language that is able to implement this?
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    That's not going to be pretty in C - you'll have to pass your equations as string, and write some code to parse them using strtok().

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    You're best off using a scripting language. Without one, you'd basically be wrting a mini scripting language parser yourself anyway.
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