Thread: strange scanf behaviour

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    strange scanf behaviour

    Hi all,

    after alot of java i've decided to start learning some C, i've an exercise that i cannot complete because i've a strange (to me) behaviour, here's the code

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    int main() 
    	char *strings [10]; 
    	int i, n = 4, str_size = 255;
    	printf ("Enter %d strings to sort:\n", n); 
    	for (i=0; i<n; i++) {
    		strings[i] = (char *) malloc (str_size);
    		scanf ("%s", &strings[i]); 
    	printf("\nRESULT:\n", &strings[i]); 
    	for (i=0; i<n; i++) {
    		printf("%s \n", &strings[i]); 
    and here is the terminal output

    Enter 4 strings to sort:
    one two three four 
    What happen to the "three" number? in general all string with a length greater then 3 are concatenated with the following string ...

    i've re-read the scanf documentation but really can't find where's the mistake

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    You dont need & while using %s with scanf and printf. %s takes pointer as its argument. Also no need to cast malloc, it returns void*. Also look at this.
    printf("\nRESULT:\n", &strings[i]);
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    I suppose you shouldn't take an address of the char* that strings[i] is.

    scanf ("%s", strings[i]);
    printf("%s \n", strings[i]);
    If you happen to use GCC, then turning on warnings can help with errors in format string.

    a.c:13: warning: char format, pointer arg (arg 2)
    a.c:16: warning: too many arguments for format
    a.c:18: warning: char format, pointer arg (arg 2)
    a.c:21: warning: control reaches end of non-void function
    (Actually the warning seems to be incorrectly worded: what you have is char* format and char** argument? Anyway, this shows there is something wrong and it is unlikely to work.)
    I might be wrong.

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    thanks BEN10 and anon, the error was the use of the "&" operator...

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