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    Counter-Clockwise/Clockwise Vertices

    I am implementing the marching cubes algorithm and I need to have a way to make sure the vertices are put into the triangle array in either a clockwise or counterclockwise order (as long as it is consistent for each triangle). I need this for lighting when the triangles are constructed. How would I do this? Is there a function that I can use (or make) that is given 3 vertices that have an x,y, and z component that makes sure they are in counter clockwise or clock wise order?

    I saw something similar here:
    Projects &gt Marching Cubes

    but I didn't really understand it and it's in C++ (I'm just using C)


    If more information is needed or something is unclear let me know.

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    You can use the dot product to get the angle between two vectors (vector1 is point2 - point1, and vector2 is point3 - point1). The link provided gives the formula for the angle. Just check the angle's sign to determine whether the order is clockwise or counterclockwise.
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