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    file input/output

    i have a question about file input/output. before reading the file do i have to have a file call test.txt in c drive. because i have a file but it wont compile for some reason
    int main()
      FILE *fp;
       return 0;

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    Whether the file exists or not will not affect compilation. The code you posted should compile, so I don't know what is causing your problem.

    Post your compile error. Note that you should always post your compile error when you make these types of threads.
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    Your code compiles well. I cant see any issue. What is it that you are trying to do?

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    It compiles fine, but causes exception if the file doesn't exist. Maybe you have a 'verbose' switch on a compiler or something. Remember, it's a *VERY* bad practice not to do error checking, even in smt as simple as this. Try adding check for NULL pointer on fp.

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