Thread: Making an intelligent start with C#

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    Making an intelligent start with C#

    Not being a programmer, but a writer, it is difficult to really know where and how to begin to write simple programs to meet one's needs.
    I decided to begin with C and in parallel try to get to grips with ScriptBASIC which could result in programs compiled to C.
    My next step is the reason for this posting. I need some advice on materials and tools to help describe what I wish to start with. These are:
    1. Defining my needs for programs to help manipulate text files such as
    1.1. Adding Parts-of-Speech tags to each word in a sentence or
    1.2. Segmenting sentences into phrases and finally
    1.3. Search programs using pattern match techniques in an English to German dictionary.
    The dictionary I am building.
    I also need both a good primer taking me through the learning process, a whole lot of sample programs and a good IDE to halp in the programming.
    So, now let me say, that I would be grateful for any useful suggestions.
    Thank you and kind regards, forkinpm.

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    Rename your topic (C# is another language, which is not very similar except the syntax). And you should look at the C Book Recommendations.

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    Could start by posting in the C# Programming Forum, rather than C!

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