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    If I let p be a pointer attached to the first element of an integer array. Could someone explain the difference between the C operators (*p)++ and *(p++)?


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    What is the difference between *p and p++?
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    I'm assuming your question is a doubt concerning the other thread you posted.

    Basically, when doing:
    int *p = arr;
    The pointer 'p' is pointing to the array's first element's address. When doing:
    You are not referring to the pointer's address, rather to its value, which is insignificant to us at this point. Because, you are dereferencing the pointer. The other way (*(p++)), you are actually referencing the array's address and summing one to it, which would lead the array to return the next element in the array.

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    segmentation fault

    Add one to the value at p.


    Give the value at p, then add one unit to the address of p, a unit being the size of the datatype.
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