Thread: Pointer + struct w/arrays confusion

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    Pointer + struct w/arrays confusion

    This stuff drives me nuts. I'm trying to figure out how to reference this struct properly passing a pointer to it between functions and manipulating it...

    Typedef for the struct:
    typedef unsigned char u8;
    typedef unsigned short int u16;
    typedef unsigned int u32;
    typedef unsigned long long int u64;
    //These are the vars included in the header of the binary results files.
    typedef struct CODE_SEARCH_RESULTS_INFO {
        char dmpFileName[MAX_PATH];
        int Endian;
        int SearchSize;
        u32 DumpSize;
        u32 ResCount;
        u32 ResHigh; //highest result file address
        u32 MapFileAddy[MAX_MAPPED_AREAS]; //file address
        u32 MapMemAddy[MAX_MAPPED_AREAS]; //memory address
    //dump data and results during searches
    typedef struct _RAM_AND_RES_DATA {
        int Access;
        u8 *NewRAM;
        u8 *OldRAM;
        FILE *NewFile;
        FILE *OldFile;
        u8 *Results;
        CODE_SEARCH_RESULTS_INFO OldResultsInfo;
        CODE_SEARCH_RESULTS_INFO NewResultsInfo;
    Example use:
    RAM_AND_RES_DATA RamInfo; memset(&RamInfo,0,sizeof(RAM_AND_RES_DATA));
    //malloc RamInfo.NewRAM, etc here or send to function to load data into etc //
    //when finished:
    The confusion part:
    int FreeRamInfo(RAM_AND_RES_DATA *RamInfo)
        if (RamInfo->NewRAM) { free(RamInfo->NewRAM); RamInfo->NewRAM = NULL; }
        if (RamInfo->OldRAM) { free(RamInfo->OldRAM); RamInfo->OldRAM = NULL; }
        if (RamInfo->NewFile) { fclose(RamInfo->NewFile); RamInfo->NewFile = NULL; }
        if (RamInfo->OldFile) { fclose(RamInfo->OldFile); RamInfo->OldFile = NULL; }
        if (RamInfo->Results) { free(RamInfo->Results); RamInfo->Results = NULL; }
        memset(&RamInfo.OldResultsInfo, 0, sizeof(CODE_SEARCH_RESULTS_INFO));
        memset(&RamInfo.NewResultsInfo, 0, sizeof(CODE_SEARCH_RESULTS_INFO));
        return 0;
    Is FreeRamInfo anywhere near right? I plan to use the same struct in multiple parts of the app (but only come elements some of the time), so I want a shortcut to free up whatever was allocated etc. I'd also like to send the pointer of say RamInfo.NewRAM to a FileLoad function and malloc from there, but I always had issues trying to do that. I don't know if I was doing it wrong, or if malloc just has to take place locally. The only way I ever got it to work was by making RamInfo a global, which I'm trying to avoid now.

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    Doesn't seem to be any issues there. You are aware that if you want to change something inside a function, you must pass a pointer to that something.

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