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    Question 3D or 4D arrays

    could someone explain to me the concept behind 3D or 4D arrays. how do i use them?

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    char one_d[10];
    char two_d[10][20];
    char three_d[10][20][30];

    Simple enough isn't it?

    The first you would access by



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    Declaring higher-dimensional arrays goes almost the same way as declaring one dimensional arrays.

    1D array of integers: int array [N];
    2D array of integers: int array [N][M];
    3D array of integers: int array [N][M][P];
    4D array of integers: int array [N][M][P][Q];

    To use them is also almost the same. For a 4D array you could do something like:

    array [i][j][k][l] = value;

    An higher order array can be seen as a matrix. A 3D array is a 3D matrix. Imagine a cube which is split up in little cubes. Then the little cube on array [1][2][3] is the cube which is on the first row, second colom and three deep. For a 4D structure and higher it is harder to understand the concept.

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    think of arrays like this:

    square paper, where you can write only one character in each square. a strip of square paper with 10 squares, but only 1 square thick would be a 1d array.


    char Example[10];

    now imagine you cut up the paper so that there were 10 rows of squares, and 10 columns. a 2d array,


    char Example[10][10];

    for a 3d array, imagine you had 10 bits of paper, each 10 squares by 10 squares in size, sort of like a card filing system a library has.


    char Example[10][10][10];

    4d array would be more complicated. imagine you had 10 card filing systems, each with 10 bits of paper, 10 rows and 10 columns, and imagine you had a filing cabinet, with 10 drawers, and you put a card filing system in each drawer.


    char Example[10][10][10][10];

    and i'm gettin slightly bored of typin now. hope that made sense.

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