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    Question support 256 colors...

    hello guys,
    i want to support 256 colors to my C progs.
    but i don't know how will i do it.
    is there anyone who will help me?
    generally i do my all progs in graphics mode, so it is very necessary for me to support 256 colors.
    pls, pls, pls help me....
    thank u everybody.
    my e-mail address :

    ---- jackie.

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    Well, what graphics mode do you use then? Most modes I know of supports at least 256 colours...

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    my PC-OS is Windows NT and Windows 98,
    i'm using Turbo C and Turbo Compiler.
    i generally programmed in graphics mode in Turbo C.
    i enjoy it...thinking u can help me to increment it.
    i'm developing a game now, so its obvious.

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    what graphic library are u using...

    if u're using conio.h which comes with Turbo C (awful compiler btw) it'll only support 16 colors, and 16 blinking colors (very useful to drive your teacher insane)

    u'll probably need to use something slightly more advanced...

    maybe ncurses will work (never actually played w/ them though)
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    256 colors...hardware interaction...

    i did some advance.
    i can support 256 colors by direct VGA memory access and obviously not using the Turbo C graphics libs.
    but now the qs is that, if i support it by direct hardware interaction, then if it is necessary to write the whole prog by communicating with hardware access?

    take care...

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