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    K M

    Database in C

    Does any1 know of where to get the source code to create a database in C - where records can be added, deleted, edited and searched


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    This might be considered slightly renegade, but have you considered writing one yourself? They are _not_ difficult. You can find sourcecode for such things if you don't wish to reinvent it, by surfing and looking for it...

    I suggest starting with

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    If you know how the concepts structures, pointers, linked lists and perhaps trees, then it shouldn't be too hard. Visualize the actions you want to do and you'll see it's quite easy. And start with a little database and then make it larger. With little I mean: do not add too many functionality at first time.

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    K M
    thnx ppl

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    crazy taxi

    databases in C

    K M: which school do you go to?

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    K M
    I'm at college! in Merseyside

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