Thread: Miximum matrix size? / reading big arrays of data

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    Elya, in C you can use
    #define N_molPOL 356
    or try declaring them as const int.
    In C++ using a const int in an array decalration would work. I'm not sure about C.

    The general convention for defines is that they are all capitals, like this:
    #define N_MOLPOL 356
    but that's just convention.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elya View Post
    Dear All,

    Thanks a lot for your advises. I made matrix static.
    static double POLRx[N_molPOL][N_beadPOL][N_files];
    but I have got an error message.

    mean_square_forum.c:10: error: variably modified ‘CRx’ at file scope
    mean_square_forum.c:11: error: variably modified ‘CRy’ at file scope
    Is this actually allowed by C? I've read that such matrix declaration is permitted only in C++. Is this true?

    No. You can't have such matrix declarations at all in C++. (They're probably referring to vectors instead.) If you do have a VLA, it must be inside a function. At a first glance, I don't see why you can't declare this in your main.

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