Thread: Floating point error when performing division

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    Floating point error when performing division

    I've been working on some CFD code over the past few months and noticed a strange floating point error occuring when performing a division. For some reason I'm getting a difference between the values 'a' and 'b' in the following code. Does anyone know why this is happening?

    #include <stdio.h>
    /* This function is to illustrate the difference between dividing by a number
       and multiplying by 1/number  */
    int main() {
            double num,a,b,div;
            div = 0.9;
            num = 0.0000000000003;
            a = num/div;
            b = num*(1.0/div);
            return 0;

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    If you work it out even in decimal, you should see what happens: 9e-1 / 3e-12 is 3e11, while 1/3e-12 is 3.333e11, multiplied by 9e-1 gives 2.9997e11. The reciprocal will get rounded off before the multiply. (You could probably work out what IEEE says each of the answers should be, but I'm not that motivated.)

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    Part of the problem lies in the selection of those two numbers. Decimal div (=0.9) and num (=3e-13) in binary are recurring fractions. Hence the difference in the output is because of the rounding-off or truncation depending upon the fp implementation.
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    I may be off track here, but here is a good link nonetheless - Articles - Understanding Floating Point Number Representation

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