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    Question Struct Char Array Problems

    I am trying to put a char array into a struct but everything I have tried has not worked.

    typedef struct{
    int Grid_X;
    int Grid_Y;
    char Room_Name[30];
    int North;
    int South;
    int East;
    int West;
    int Warp;
    int Warp_X;
    int Warp_Y;
    int Chest;
    Room RG; //in main
    char Name[30] = (*RG).Room_Name; //line 71
    //In another function
    void set_room_start(Room *RG){
    (*RG).Grid_X = 0;
    (*RG).Grid_Y = 0;
    (*RG).Room_Name[30] = "Start Room"; //line 14
    (*RG).North = 1;
    (*RG).South = 1;
    (*RG).East = 1;
    (*RG).West = 1;
    (*RG).Warp = 1;
    (*RG).Warp_X = 5;
    (*RG).Warp_Y = 0;
    (*RG).Chest = 1;

    That gives me warnings:
    "14 E:\Code\Source Code\Game Commands.c [Warning] assignment makes integer from pointer without a cast"

    "71 E:\Code\Source Code\Game Commands.c array initialized from non-constant array expression"

    Could some one point out the mistake I am making in my struct code? Thanx in advance

    For those who may be picky, Yes I did pas the address of RG to my functions.
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    arrays don't work that way

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    Looks like maybe you need to use the strcpy function.
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    (*RG).Grid_X = 0;
    It is quite a bit easier to just write:
    RG->Grid_X = 0;
    And as others have stated, read up on how to use strcpy().

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    #1 tip about the number one:

    Get one of something to actually work before you code ten of them the same, completely wrongly.
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    cpwiki -- our wiki on sourceforge

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    I forgot about strcpy. That makes a huge difference.

    Thanks that got rid of the errors

    Thanks for the tip. Going to change that in my engine later.

    My Struct is perfectly fine except for one line. I got the ints to work for me then I attempted to put a char in the Struct. So basically I did what you said so don't post criticism.

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