Thread: Rewrite code in structure way

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    Rewrite code in structure way

    Trying to eliminate a goto: from Schaums C++ book

    double sum = 0.0;
      int x = 1;
      repeat: sum += 1.0 / x++;
      if (x <= N)
    	  goto repeat;
      printf("The sum of the first %d reciprocals is %lf\n", N, sum);
    Want the same result in structure way it says is to use flags..
    which I am not sure were to place...use a boolean flag...

    #define TRUE	1
    #define FALSE	0
    Suggestions- where to put it...

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    Note: What you have there aren't flags (or, at least, not directly). A flag is just a variable that indicates some condition to you (rather than storing a value that you want to use). Often they have values true and false, but people often just use 0 and 1.

    That said, I can think of no earthly reason why you would use flags in this case. You have pretty literally a one line repeating statement, which seems like the perfect time to use a loop.

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    Well, first of all, if the book is teaching you C++, you should probably have put this in the C++ section.

    Secondly, if this book is teaching goto for this kind of assignment, it's likely this book is an evil plot to destroy your potential to program.

    Thirdly, a do while loop would be incredibly easy to put in this situation. You would barely need to change anything.

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    Go it to work- used the loop as sugguested...

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