Thread: difference between char *prt and char prt

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    difference between char *prt and char prt

    Hi All

    is there a difference between

    char *prt = "hello"

    char prt[] = "hello"
    I noticed because I got a 'Bus error' when I do

    #include <string.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <stdio.h>
      char *prt = "abc=def" ;
      char *out = strtok(prt, "=") ;
    but it works when I use ptr[]!


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    The first one (char *ptr) is a "const" string literal, which means it cannot (or should not) be changed.

    The second one (char ptr[]) is a character array, initialized with a value, but the value *can* be changed.

    The reason you get an error using strtok() on a const is because strtok() actually destroys the string you are processing in the process. You will see what happens if you add a printf() after strtok() to show the string. Other functions, like sscanf, strcmp, and strstr do not alter the string analysed, so it is not a problem. strtok() is fine with "normal" strings, ie, character arrays.
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    ok, thnx a lot!!

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