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    short value to char

    How i can convert a short value (example 120) to char?
    I must do it using bit shifting but how..?

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    I suppose you are not looking for something like this:
    short x = 120;
    char y;
    y = x;
    You may need to write:
    y = (char)x;
    if the compiler issues a warning for "loss of precision".

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    Thats not solve my problem. Decimal 120 is hex value 78.
    I need to get first 8 bits in one char and last 8 bits to another char.
    I just dont know how i have to shift those bits..

    I hope you understand what i try to say

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    Assuming that sizeof(short) is 2, you can do this;
    #include <stdio.h>
    typedef union
         short short_value;
         char char_value[2];
    } Converter;
    int main()
         Converter c;
         c.short_value = 120;
         fprintf(stdout, "%d %d\n", x.char_value[0], x.char_value[1]);    /* print the two chars as int values */
    Note that the values output are machine dependent (they depend on endianness).

    You can also do this via bit fiddling, or by manipulation of a pointer, but I'll leave that as a further exercise. The technique above will, at least, give the same values that you should obtain via bit fiddling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by downfall80 View Post
    I need to get first 8 bits in one char and last 8 bits to another char.
    Why didn't you just say that in the first place? Read the bit-shifting FAQ. Shift by the number of bits in a byte. (Hint: CHAR_BIT)

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