Thread: Save a file with a name in a variable?

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    Save a file with a name in a variable?

    Hi, i need to know how to do something that might be really easy, but i just don't know how.
    The thing is that i open a file allocated, for example in," C:\example " and i need to save it in another path such as " C:\example\folder"

    But when i open the file it has a previous name (zippeddata.txt), and in the program i ask the user to enter a name to save the modified file, in the new path.

    The thing is that i cant make it work when the user writes the new name of the file, i dont know the code to do that.

    #include <stdio.h>
    main() {
    FILE *original, *copy;
    char c, name[20];
    original = fopen ("C:\\example\\zippedData", "r");
    printf ("File name?"); //Input name to save the file//
    scanf ("%s",name);
    printf ("%s\n", name);
    copy = fopen ("C:\\example\\folder\\ *** I DON'T  KNOW WHAT GOES HERE *** .txt","w"); //Creates new file, which must have the "name" variable//
    while ((c = getc(original)) != EOF)
    if (c != ';')
    putc(c, copy);
    else putc (',', copy);
    fclose (original);
    fclose (copy);
    return 0;
    Please Help!!

    Im sorry if my English it's not so good... it's not my native language


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    You could use strcat to concatenate two strings together.

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    You might want something like this:
    char copyname[300];
    sprintf(copyname, "C:\\example\\folder\\%s.txt", name);
    copy = fopen(copyname,"w");

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