Thread: Doubly Linked List - Understanding...

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    Doubly Linked List - Understanding...

    Hi, my first post.

    I canīt understand the insert (or enqueue) operation in this algorithm where we work with Doubly Linked List with sort (ordering) during insert operation.

    Could you help me please? I am putting comments in the lines where I have this difficulty to understand

    Here is the code:

    typedef struct list
         int info;
         struct list *next;
         struct list *prev;
    } list;
    list *LHead, *LTail;
    int value_info()
        int info;
        printf("\nValue = ");
        return info;    
    void insert()
        list *p, *a, *q;
        int new;
        new = value_info();
        q = (list *)calloc(1,sizeof(list));
        q->info = new;
        p = LHead; //what does this mean???
        while (p->info < new) //what does this mean???
              p = p->next; //what does this mean???
        a = p->prev; //what does this mean???
        a->next = q; //what does this mean???
        p->prev = q; //what does this mean???
        q->next = p; //what does this mean???
        q->prev = a; //what does this mean???
        printf("Value %d inserted on list!",new);

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    Quote Originally Posted by ಠ_ಠ View Post
    Look, thanks but

    I see that this is a completely different way to add in order to the list, so I would need to change EVERYTHING in my code that works perfectly.

    I just need to understand those last lines of insert opertation

        while (p->info < new)
              p = p->next; 
        a = p->prev; 
        a->next = q; 
        p->prev = q; 
        q->next = p; 
        q->prev = a;
    I just need to generally interpret these lines. I would be very grateful if someone could explain just this insert operation
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    In your example, q is the new node. The while loop then iterates through the list until it finds a node with a higher int info in it. Then it inserts q by rearranging the pointers in the previous and next node, and setting it's own prev and next pointers appropriately.
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