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    Simple Pointer Program

    I know that there are things on the internet but nothing seems to be helping right now. I am simply trying to reverse this string uses pointers and no strlen or reverse functions from the string library. Can somebody tell me what I am missing?

    void main()
            char*hello = "hello";
            printf("%c", reverse(hello));
            int length;
            for(length = 0; str1[length]; ++length);
            char* left  = str1;
            char* right = left + length - 1;
            char tmp;
            while (left < right) {
                    tmp = *left;
                    *left++  = *right;
                    *right-- = tmp;
            return str1;

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    One problem is that hello is a pointer to the first character of a string literal. A string literal must not be modified, but that is what reverse() attempts to do. Rather, you should write:
    char text[] = "hello";
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    Should the printf() control string be "%c" or "%s"?

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    "%c" stands for character. "%s" stands for _string_. So the latter one.

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