Thread: modern mathplot library in c

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    modern mathplot library in c

    I don't usually ask whether anybody knows of a certain software, because google usually throws it up, but in this case I am, because there is quite alot of old mathematical plotting stuff, and I wanted a library in c, that's been updated recently. Something like python's matplotlib in c.
    - gnuplot is really for interactive use.
    - gdl, c++
    - plotutils last update 2000.
    Anybody any suggestions? I want to call it from a c prog.

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    I know a lot of people who would disagree with the statement "gnuplot is really for interactive use". (In fact, I am one.)

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    hi tabstop,
    sorry wrong word. sure, scripting gnuplot is great. it's great software, no question.
    I had just been trying Nicolas Devillard's c-interfaces .. again good stuff, but not quite what I was looking for.
    that's all. cheers.

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    What about using the Python code - either directly by using the C to Python interface, or if the python is really C code that has a python layer, you could probably rip the python layer off and get a nice functionality.

    I'd expect that there's little difference between the C and Python speed-wise, since most of the work is either shuffling data (which hopefully isn't very bad in Python) or actual drawing (which is definitely not done in Pythin itself, so therefore will be done in C or C++, and most likely with hardware help).

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    good ideas matsp, will investigate. Cheers.

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