Thread: Having trouble with atoi

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    Having trouble with atoi

    I have a function that is returning a string that looks like this:

    char* getstring(char choice)
         does some stuff...
    Then back in my main I have this:

    tempstring = getstring(mychar);
    myinteger = atoi(tempstring);
    The problem is that atoi keeps returning zero. After tempstring is returned from the function, it is a string which only contains digits, no letters or anything else, except for the null terminator at the end of the string.

    I have run the program with a breakpoint at the atoi line and I can see that "tempstring" contains an integer. I can read in the Locals box:

    "tempstring 0x0013fae8 "80" "

    after I step through the atoi line, tempstring is empty and the atoi has put a 0 into myinteger.

    I don't understand why this is happening. I have also tried using strtol in place of atoi, but with no luck.

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    Lemme guess, mystring is a local char array inside the getstring() function.

    You can't do this!
    The array goes out of scope (along with your data) as soon as you return.
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    Yeah that was the problem. Thank you!

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