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    Data Types

    Hey all,

    So I am writing a scientific code and thus precision of the numbers I am dealing with is very important. I have a text file as follows containing coordinate data:

       15.874010519682   15.874010519682   15.874010519682      0.77500000000000
        0.67184753150321   -9.0984212637474  -0.12308571224722
        -7.5391320707008   -5.4421377882969   -3.6434474261884
        -2.8072699927977  -0.27226324050591   0.83267141127818
        -3.4804472086739    1.7404956860775    3.6298663735869
        -6.1997156299320   -8.4300686752649    3.5753823495533
    Now I wrote a function to read this data (ignoring the first two lines) and print it out, just so I knew that the code was working correctly. Upon read out I only get:

     First Line Header: 15.874011 15.874011 15.874011 0.775000 
     Second Line Header: 5.0000000000000D-03
    0.671848 -9.098421 -0.123086 
    -7.539132 -5.442138 -3.643447 
    -2.807270 -0.272263 0.832671
    Now this is substantial rounding that I need to get rid of. I am using long doubles and I thought the right format identifiers but nothing seems to be working (i.e. no matter what I change I keep getting the rounded numbers). Here is my code:

    void getpoints(void)
    	 printf("Cannot open file \n");
    	fscanf(fp,"%Lf %Lf %Lf %Lf\n", &tmp1, &tmp2, &tmp3, &tmp4);
    	printf(" First Line Header: %Lf %Lf %Lf %Lf \n",tmp1,tmp2,tmp3,tmp4);
    	fgets(tmp, 25, fp);
    	printf(" Second Line Header: %s\n",tmp);
    	for (k=0;k<3;k++)
    		fscanf(fp,"%Lf %Lf %Lf \n", &x[k], &y[k], &z[k]);
    	for (k=0;k<3;k++){
    		printf("%Lf %Lf %Lf \n", x[k], y[k], z[k]);
    It's probably something simple... any help you could lend would be greatly appreciated!

    Jeff Paddon
    Undergraduate Research Assistant
    Physics Department
    St. Francis Xavier University

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    Quote Originally Posted by kas2002 View Post
    It's probably something simple...
    Yep. printf() by default rounds to six places. You can make it less this way:
    I myself have never tried making it more than the default, but I assume it will work.
    C programming resources:
    GNU C Function and Macro Index -- glibc reference manual
    The C Book -- nice online learner guide
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    cpwiki -- our wiki on sourceforge

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