Thread: Strange, recurring error.

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    Strange, recurring error.

    Hi there, I'm new here

    Okay, first of all:
    OS: WinXP Home
    Compiler: GCC (Using DJGPP)

    More information like that isn't really needed...

    Basically, the problem is this:
    I started using gcc (djgpp) to compile C code about three months ago, and it has worked beautifully since. Since I installed it, I haven't made any large (or even small) system changes.
    However, recently, it has been returning the following when I attempt to compile anything.
    from (null):4294967295
    It basically sits there continuously making a new line with this, so that CMD has a whole page of this, one every line. It continues to add more to the end... I can see this because it flickers, and when I check Task Manager I have 100% CPU usage.

    I have tried compiling code that I know is correct, and even tried compiling this:
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main()
    return 0;
    and it still returns the same...

    I've used the Greatest resource on the net and can't seem to find anybody with this error.

    Things I have tried to solve this:
    Uninstalled DJGPP and deleted the environment variables (path and djgpp), thereby destroying GCC. Reinstalled it to a different directory. set the environment variables to what they need to be to do this.

    Tried changing which way round I write the compilation code.
    instead of typing gcc example.c -o example.exe
    I tried gcc -o example.exe example.c
    Knowing that it wouldn't work, but hoping anyway

    I don't know what has happened, as it was working about 4 days ago...

    The only thing that I have done recently is a defrag, although that was a week and a half ago.

    Any ideas or tips on what to do?


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    You could try using the Win32 port of GCC - MinGW. Codeblocks is a nice IDE that can be downloaded with MinGW included.


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    At a guess, some MS update has killed off DPMI support.
    DOS extender - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    CWSDPMI - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    You'd be better off getting an actual 32-bit compiler which is essentially native to your OS, and not a 32-bit compiler using a DOS hack.
    It worked great on say win98, but with XP - that's pushing it.

    Code::Blocks is a rather nice (and contemporary) IDE wrapped around the MinGW port of gcc. As you're already familiar with gcc (in djgpp), then this won't be much of a step.
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    Thank you very much for the speedy reply.

    I'm going to disable the environment variables and delete djgpp again and try out codeblocks.

    The reason I went with djgpp (gcc) is because I used linux for a long time, and then decided to switch about 4 months ago to XP so that I would have a grounding in both OSs. Obviously my love of gcc doesn't extend to gcc xD

    Thanks again!


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