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    Unhappy Help please

    I am beginner to c. I have to make snake game to run through microcontroller and FPGA based demo card. I have one code. I have to add some features. but i have troubles with understanding the code.

    here are some declarations

    typedef unsigned int snake_t;
    snake_t *snake;

    unsigned int snake_struct_length;
    unsigned int snake_head_i;
    unsigned int snake_tail_i;
    #define SNAKE_EXTEND_STEP 5
    unsigned int snake_extend;

    and then there is a line like that

    snake[snake_head_i] = new_snake_head;

    i didn't get "snake[snake_head_i]" part. because snake is a pointer. so what does it mean? Could someone explain me?

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    Pointers and arrays share the same subscript notation.

    With a pointer, writing ptr[index] generates the code for *(ptr+index)

    So a pointer to a number of ints say gives you access to each int in that block of integers, simply by incrementing i in ptr[i] (much like you would do with an array of ints).
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    thank you for your quick reply

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