Thread: Problem with Pointer as return Argument

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    Problem with Pointer as return Argument

    Hello, I am new to this place. Could you help me wit the following problem. Well the Pointer I trie to print in main doesn't show the content I have in the txt-File. I think I would feel better if I had an Array of Numbers instead of Chars after reading in the txt-File which only contains numbers, seperated with a "space bar".
    int main(){
        //einige Standard-Variablen
        int i = 0;
        int j = 0;
        int z = 4;
    	//here I want to pass the Pointer from the Funktion to to another Pointer in Main
    	char * pSpielstaerken;
    	pSpielstaerken = einlesen();
            while( pSpielstaerken[i] != '\0' ){
               printf( "%i ", pSpielstaerken[i] );
    //this is the Function to Read in a txt-File, pass it to a Char-Array in order to return it finally to the main Function
    char * einlesen(){
        FILE * input2;
        char charPuffer[50];
        char * pCharpuffer;
        pCharpuffer = &charPuffer[0];
        input2 = fopen("input2.txt","r");
        if (input2==NULL){
                         printf ("Fehler beim Einlesen");
        else {
             fgets (charPuffer, 50, input2);
             fclose (input2);
        int i = 0;
    return (pCharpuffer);

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    You are returning a pointer to an array that is local to the function which is returning it. That means that the space used by the array is free to be reused when the function has returned - there is no longer any memory for the array!

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    It works now, thank you very much.

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