Thread: can any1 plz make this assignment

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    wow, 3 times?
    What professor would do that to you?

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    actually i really dont know much
    just basic
    i mean printf scanf n some simple programs
    so i had to fail
    but neways it ma mistake i selected this subject

    hey dude thanks for ya help but can't u give me ur email id or any fake id if u dont wanna give ya personal email

    coz i really dont know what should i copy past der r like 4 files
    n i really dont know

    or some other way i can sent u those files..........
    i know this is a bit annoying
    am sorry but plz help me clear this subject

    this is ma second assignment
    i scored 0 in ma 1st assignment
    it was drawing some shapes using stopwatch n graphics.


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    Do your own homework assignments.

    This board is not here for you to have someone write your code for you.

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