Thread: Pointers or fork?

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    Pointers or fork?


    I don't know where is the problem in my code, since in the debbuger I cannot see what goes on with the child process. May someone help.

    void addJob(int pid, int status){
        jobs* temp = job;
        if (temp == NULL){
        	temp = malloc(sizeof(jobs*));
        	job = temp;
        	while (temp != NULL) temp = temp->next;
        	temp = malloc(sizeof(jobs*));
        temp->pid = pid;
        temp->status = status; /* foreground */
        if (pid == 0){
        	pid_t npid = getpid();
        	printf("If successful, the process ID will be %d.\n",npid); fflush(stdout); /* I know it reaches here */
        	addJob(npid, (bg)? 0:1);
        	if (execvp(*args, args) == -1){ perror("executing command\n"); exit(1);}
    where job is a global variable.
    May I know why the statement is not executed, or is so but not adding to the list? Is it an issue of shared memory amongst the processes? I've put jobs as a static variable in a header file and imported it but I still get no difference.

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    forked processes do NOT share memory.

    You need to get the child pid in the PARENT (it is the return value of fork() ) and insert it into the job list in the PARENT.

    EDIT: addJob() looks all wrong, too, but that's a different issue.
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    	else   do { f(!b); } while(1);

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    I know other methods to add an element to the end of a list, but just for my better understanding, may you tell me what's wrong such that I fix this itself?

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