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    dynamic memory

    how do i do dynamic memory allocation for pointer

    i mean this would work fine, now i can access arr[]
    int *arr;
    but how do i do it for this
    struct *children;
    i need to access children like this T->children[i]

    Can any 1 help ?

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    If you have a struct definition:
    struct mystruct {
          char *ptr;
          int array[10];
    You can malloc a pointer to such a struct this way:
    struct mystruct *example = malloc(sizeof(struct mystruct));
    HOWEVER, note that this creates space for a char POINTER and an array of ints. It does not attach anything to the char pointer; you must do that seperately:
    example->ptr = malloc(64);
    You must also free the internel pointers before you free() the struct pointer itself.
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