Thread: is this a valid declaration?

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    is this a valid declaration?


    Please let me know how this a valid definition
    typedef struct
    	int n[];
    franco see;
    printf ("sizeof:%d",sizeof(see));
    gives Result : 4
    and this is not
      int a[];
    How is the memory allocated when franco is instantiated.
    Thanks to all

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    Quote Originally Posted by sanddune008
    Please let me know how this a valid definition
    The MinGW port of gcc 3.4.5 reports an error that a flexible array member is declared in an otherwise empty struct.

    The C standard makes it clear that the syntax denotes an incomplete type which can be "completed, for an identifier of that type, by specifying the size in a later declaration (with internal or external linkage).". This explains why your latter example does not compile.

    Back to your original question: even if you do add another member variable to make my compiler happy, I am not sure how to interpret this "flexible array member", actually.
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    Sort of. The purpose of a declaration like you do in the struct is that you allocate memory dynamically to match the size of the actual space needed. So whilst the declaration is valid, the way you use it isn't quite what the standard suggests.

    The second usage of empty brackets is definitely invalid.

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