Thread: is it possible to convert LISP to C?

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    is it possible to convert LISP to C?

    Hello everyone,

    I would like to convert some Common LISP into C language. Is there a
    consolidated way to do that?
    I am not an experienced programmer in both languages, but I know more C
    than LISP.
    Thanks in advance


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    Since it is possible to write a Lisp Interpreter/compiler in C, yes.

    Some of the things done in Lisp can be HARD to implement in C, but most of it shouldn't be very hard.

    If you are not good in Lisp, it may be a challenge, as it is not the easiest language to learn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fsx View Post
    I would like to convert some Common LISP into C language. Is there a
    consolidated way to do that?
    As matsp already exemplified, Lisp and C are both Turing-complete, which roughly means that both can compute any function that is considered to be computable. Hence for every Lisp program, there is a C program which does exactly the same thing and vice versa.

    But it's a bit like translating Chinese to English. There is an exact translation, but it will be hard to find in the general case. If you just have a couple of Lisp programs, it will probably be easiest to understand what they do and then re-implement the functionality in C, without looking at the Lisp code again.

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