Thread: Basic structure for 2 player game

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    Basic structure for 2 player game

    I coded a game, some years ago now, and am trying get back into coding so excuse the stupid question, but it was a one player game with the basic structure:
    	while(c != 27 || score > 0);
    What i want to do is adapt it to include two players, I was wondering what sort of structure i could / should use (if there is a nice way of doing it) instead of having a a whole bunch of 'if' statements laying around. Also all the 'movement', 'score', 'end game' etc... code exist in their own functions and can be used independantly by each play obvisouly, so its really just the do-while i want to optimise.

    Appreciate any help, thankyou.

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    while no winner
        set active player
        get move from active player
        plot move
    Pretty much the same idea. Make a function that takes valid input. Maybe another one (depending on what sort of game you're making) that checks to see if that's valid, and if not, sends you back to re-enter your input, make a 'check win'. Make something to display the updated board (or whatever your game is).

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    Ahh, im an idiot, a simple while loop with a win flag, thx quzah, ive already coded the functions (essentially) so should be sweet, thx.

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